Monday, 2 October 2017

Undley Pumpkin Patch

For the second year running we have visited Undley pumpkin patch, one of my favourite spots and a great afternoon out. This year they have really gone to town so I thought I would share some of my photographs from our day out as I get asked loads about this beautiful place as soon as I start posting photos.

Not only is there is a field full of ready picked pumpkins which just look like a sea of orange which makes for some stunning photographs, but new for this year was a true pick your own part of the field. We picked 3 absolute beauties, 2 of the largest we could find which were £6 each and Mia chose a smaller perfectly round one for herself which was £3.
Mia loves pushing the wheelbarrow around and Daddy walked the whole length of the field in search of the biggest pumpkin. For every pumpkin bought you also get entered in to a competition to win £1000!
There are also smaller ornamental gourds and Mia chose herself a tiny pumpkin like one.

When we drove in to the farm, we were handed a map and inside was a stamp trail which Mia loved doing. Very simple addition but a lovely one.

There was a tent with various seasonal stalls, face painting and a free craft section. There was food tent and van where we enjoyed a delicious hot dog (not something I would usually say!) 
A addition Mia particularly enjoyed which is new for this year was the inflatable obstacle course. There was this, an inflatable pumpkin (which she had remembered from last year) and a "last man standing"  one which looked great fun for the bigger "kids"!  

Unfortunately we didn't have time to partake in the Maize Maze, but this looked bigger than ever and something we'd love to come back and do another day. 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

NEW PJ Masks Magazine ~ Review

PJ Masks Magazine Review 

Mia's Pj Masks obsession all began at the beginning of the summer when she won an Owelette teddy out of the penny machines on the beach. I'd heard of PJ Masks but I wasn't aware of how much Mia knew about them, turns out everything! Since that day I've learnt all their names, their colours, they're powers, you get the idea. It's incredible how much they take in and I love hearing her tell me all about their adventures and to hear her act out and copy them. It makes a refreshing change from the usual Princesses!

So when I heard there was a new PJ Masks magazine coming out, I knew it would go down perfectly with a certain little girly and I was absolutely right. Mia's other love....Magazines. It's rare we can walk in to a shop without checking out all the magazines especially if Mia's Nanny is with us! She usually gets her way and comes away with one but not before I've vetted them for price and stickers!

Being nearly 5, I find she is a funny age with magazines. She loves the stickers and the stories but I find some of the ones aimed particularly at girls seem too grown up for her. This one however ticked all the boxes.

The first thing I checked was the price. At £2.99 it is very reasonable and you will struggle to find a children's magazine for less than this.

Secondly the freebies. This very generously came with several toys, some keys (which now have to open every door in our house and even the car), a camera and a disc shooting weapon (this works brilliantly!) Two weeks on, the keys are still coming out and about with us and none of the toys have broken, which has got to be a record as most of the "freebies" end up in the bin by the end of the day!

Inside the magazine, there are plenty of sticker activities which Mia loves. She likes to have a place where the stickers go rather than to make a pretty picture. There are colouring pages, puzzles and a story all of which are perfect for her age.

The PJ Masks magazine is out NOW monthly and available in all good supermarkets and newsagents across the UK.

We were sent a copy of the magazine in order to be able to write this review, all opinions are our own. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

PYO in Norfolk

Fruit picking, one of my earliest memories with my Grandad and cousin running through the strawberry patches picking (and eating!) the strawberries in particular. So when I found out a couple of years ago there were pick your own farms nearby, i couldn't wait to take my daughter and carry on this memory. It was 2 or 3 years ago when we first went and it has now become a regular summer activity. Mia loves hunting out the reddest, juiciest strawberry or the biggest blueberry she can reach and what is even better is she loves making smoothies/juices with all the fruit she's picked herself.
She has never been one to eat a lot of fruit as it is so we've always had to hide it but this way she's really enjoying the fruit and knowing what she's eaten and where it has come from.

What's more, is that our favourite PYO place has the most amazing display of sweet peas every year which again you can pick. Not only do they smell incredible but they also make for great photo opportunities!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Live Butterfly Garden

Late last year Mia spotted this product on the television, and went on about it for literally weeks so when I was asked if there was anything in particular she wanted for Christmas I knew the perfect gift. 
She was so excited on Christmas day receiving her butterfly garden and I had no idea what to expect to be honest. 

Inside is a voucher for the caterpillars which you can order between March and September. We wasted no time and ordered as soon as we could in March. When they arrived they was tiny! The also look almost lifeless and make you wonder if anything is ever going to happen. Fast forward a few days, maybe a week and wow...they had grown and were incredibly active. Mia loved watching her butterflies and checking in on them each day. I think the whole process in total took about 3 weeks before we watched them form their chrysalis' and then finally emerge as butterflies. 

This was all great fun but the magic had only really just began. We waited a couple of days after the first butterfly emerged to do our release and I couldn't believe how much we were able to handle them. 

The photos speak for themselves, what a magical experience and one we will definitely be doing again. Possibly even later this summer! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Prestige Flowers ~ Flower Delivery Service

Is there really any better gift than flowers. I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house, whether it be some I've picked from the garden, from the supermarket or on special occasions when I've had a delivery. 
I first received a flowers from a delivery service when my daughter was born. I was completely blown away.

I have been lucky enough to be sent a beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers Delivery Service. As soon as I opened the rather stylish box I was met by the stunning aromas of these pink blooms. In particularly the peonies. I must say, I don't think I've had peonies in a bouquet before so these were a pleasant surprise and a new favourite choice. 

Over the weekend the flowers have opened beautifully as you will see in my photographs and the size of the peonies are quite spectacular. 

Prestige Flowers are an online flower delivery service based in the UK, with a range of bouquets available for same day delivery if ordered before 3pm or next day if ordered by 9pm. 
The website is simple to use and the choice is quite simply endless. There are some lovely ideas for all occasions. 
When delivered they are well packaged with the stems soaked in a foam to keep fresh until put into the lovely vase supplied. 
The chocolates are a sweet little touch too! 

We were kindly sent these flowers from Prestige Flowers. All opinions are my own. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017


We had been planning a trip to Legoland since late last year when Mia started getting into Lego. We'd cleared out my Mum's loft and found all my old Lego and brought it home for Mia. From that day, she (and Daddy!) have played for hours on end. I'm not entirely sure who enjoys it more in all honesty but either way it's a win win! She adores spending time with her Daddy and to find something he loves too (which isn't very girly) means hours of fun.

I went to Legoland in 1996 when I was 7 and it was definitely a favoured memory from my childhood so I was excited for to experience it as an adult with my daughter.

Anyway, I'd been saving up my Tesco vouchers and finally exchanged them for Legoland tickets. This was super simple to do and when we got there you go straight to the gate with your tickets, no queuing up for tickets etc so it is as if you've prebooked. That said, there is no guarantee on entry so the key is to get there early.

We arrived for 9.30 when they let you through to the first part of the park. We were able to wander around the Miniland and watch the opening show before heading through main park.

We were there the whole day, and pretty much did everything we wanted to do. We went on most of the rides we wanted to, saw all the shows we wanted to without feeling rushed and stressed.
I think the key is to relax and take it all in your stride. We looked at what we definitely wanted to do, and did those rides first before the park got busy. The longest que we waited in was about 40 minutes, which was for the Laser Raiders. In this que, there is a movie area so the children (and adults alike!) are kept entertained.

Definitely download the Legoland App before you go because we found this great to keep check on show times and the ride wait times are very accurate.

By the end of the day, yes we were all exhausted but we were all happy and had had a great day!

Favourite Ride ~ Laser Raiders
Favourite Show ~ The Pirate Show


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Forest Holidays

I recently discovered Forest Holidays through a friend who had gone away for their first Wedding anniversary. The place looked idyllic. Peaceful. Beautiful. I just knew it would be perfect for a weekend away to switch off from everything, get away from work and just generally hide up together just our little family!

We'd had a busy time with Easter and Sam was working loads and finding it hard to switch off and relax so when I realised he had 2 days off together I got searching! This was the Thursday, I found a beautiful luxury cabin hidden in the woods and under an hour away from home. It was available for the next day (at a bargain price too!) so we booked it! Im definitely not one for spontaneous trips. I LOVE planning and the build up and anything unknown makes me incredibly anxious. That said, I had no time to think or worry about this trip and as it turns out it was just perfect.

We stayed at Thorpe Forest in Thetford with Forest Holidays.

We booked through Hoseasons (via TopCashBack) on the Thursday and
arrived the Friday night. The hot tub was warm and waiting and the cabin was spotless. I was so impressed given I had no idea what to expect. We were very hidden away and whilst in the hot tub we couldn't be seen nor see anyone else on the camp.

We had a beautiful weekend weather wise and were able to stroll around the woods and even hired bikes on the Saturday, which was a laugh given I'd not ridden a bike in years!! Mia loved it and we stopped several times round the woods, Mia building dens with all the logs and looking for squirrels and birds. We headed back to our cabin for hot tub times and a BBQ on the deck before settling down in from of the log burner playing board games together, something which is so rare but so precious. Something which we have actually carried on doing at home since too. It's all too easy to get wrapped up in everything around us and not have the time for each other that this really helped make us realise it's something we need to do more often.

 Sunday we took a trip to High Lodge Thetford Forest nearby. We'd been before but not for a long while. They had the Gruffalo trail on, which Mia enjoyed finding and telling us the story as we went around. Sam also got to act like a big kid which did him the world of good!

 There were so many things we could have done on site had we have had a longer stay or wanted to fit more in but for us we needed somewhere to hide and relax and we did just that. Even if we have come home wanting to save every penny we have to buy a hot tub!!!