Thursday, 17 May 2018

Life as a Family of 4

We have been a family of 4 now for a good month and to be honest it feels like she's always been here. All my worries about how life would change have drifted away. She just fits. Yes the disrupted sleep after 5 years is something however which is going to take a little longer to get used to! 

Before the first school run with two, I was pretty terrified with how it would work and worried about timing it wrong with feeds etc but so far it's just worked and as long as I'm pushing the pushchair she sleeps and we've not been late...yet! 

Mia has been a little superstar and is smitten with her baby sister. She adores reading to her and has been really helpful with the feeding and bringing me all the bits I need. I cannot wait to watch them grow together. 
She has completed our family. 



Thursday, 8 February 2018

Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers

If you read my pregnancy update post, you'll have seen one of my smell addictions at the moment is rose, so you can imagine my delight when this stunning bouquet of flowers arrived at my door full of roses! I like to have fresh flowers in my house all the time, they really are a mood booster and the aroma is certainly welcome too.

I have used Prestige flowers a few times now, and have a previous blog post here if you wish to see a different bouquet I previously received. Each time I've been blown away by the quality and design from the box they come in to the little touches they come with, chocolates etc and with Valentines and Mothers Day just around the corner they are definitely worth a look ~ Mothers Day Flowers.

Prestige Flowers have a range of same day and next day delivery flowers, will deliver 7 days a week and have some great offers on at the moment. The bouquet i received as you'll see from my photos was a beautiful display of roses and lilies and like mine many come with free chocolates! I'm not one for fancy/rich chocolates but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the selection I received and enjoyed them greatly.

I have enjoyed watching the flowers open up over the days and look as beautiful now as they did upon delivery. When delivered they are safely packaged and the stems soaked in a foam to keep them fresh in transit which certainly works until I got home and put the in the beautiful vase which they came with.

In the last few years I have used many flower delivery services for different occasions and would happily use Prestige Flowers again. I love receiving flowers and so I know they make the perfect gift, especially for those friends and family members who don't need or want "stuff".


We received the flower bouquet and vase in exchange for this review however all opinions and views are honest and our own

Monday, 5 February 2018

30 Weeks Pregnant ~ Thoughts & Feelings

Now we're into the third trimester I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts to look back on mainly because I can't remember how I felt at this stage when I was pregnant last time even though it was only 6 years ago!

Feelings ~
One thing I do recall from my first pregnancy was physically feeling fine. I had no sickness whatsoever and pretty much no symptoms and so far this time has been the same. Mentally this time, knowing what is to come naturally I'm definitely more terrified about the birth than last time. Ignorance is certainly bliss as they say! But as far as looking after another newborn, I'm much more prepared and at ease with. I've kept one little girly alive and (mostly!) happy so I'm confident we can do it again.

Cravings ~
I'd love to be able to say the dozen or so Creme Eggs I'm getting through a week is down to baby, but lets face it, that's not strange for me! I'm consoling myself with the fact that they are MUCH smaller than they use to be and I'm grateful that I do not have to watch my weight so if I put on a few extra pounds they'd be welcome!
Smells however are something else. I'm addicted to tea tree at the moment! Everything in the bathroom is tea tree; shower gel, shampoo, cleansers and even using tea tree oil in the bath. My skin has been terrible with all the extra girly hormones (and creme eggs!) but I've felt a turning point this week and by persevering with a strict skin routine of Liz Earle's cleanser, toner and moisturiser, and the Boots tea tree foaming cleanser to feed my addiction, my skin is feeling much clearer finally.
Zoflora Rose! My second scent addiction! This stuff I use everywhere. Neat to clean the kitchen & bathroom, mixed with water to dust and clean the floor and I even put some on a cotton pool pad in the damn hoover! Which leads nicely into nesting.
I'm normally quite obsessive about keeping a tidy/clean house but do think I've definitely got into the nesting stage of pregnancy! I've sorted through 3 suitcases full of M's baby clothes and toys out of the loft and been doing lots of organising. This led to me having a much overdue clearcut of my own wardrobe and even made Sam do the same much to his delight! I've reorganised all of the kitchen cupboards and found myself cleaning every inch of the oven the other day which was when I realised nesting had well and truly started. I've also packed 90% of my hospital bag and today picked up this gorgeous changing bag ready to now put all the tiny newborn goodies in.
At my latest midwife appointment, everything was perfect. Tests all fine, heartbeat beating perfectly and bump measuring exactly where it should be. Interestingly to me, she plotted M's birthweight on the chart too and this baby is slightly below where she was at the moment. I definitely got a bump earlier this time round but still feel rather small given I'm still fitting in my normal jeans and have only bought one maternity top, so to know she's on target was reassuring.

All in all, I'm good. I'm excited, all be it nervous for the following weeks but seeing my number one girly so excited for her Sister's arrival is pushing any nervous thought to the back of my mind..for now.


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Reflecting over the last year, looking through all the photos and remembering some amazing moments, a ton of fun days out & snuggly days in, a long weekend away in the most relaxing place, many many bbqs with a roaring fire & friends, beach days, birthdays, watching two beautiful couples get married, Mia starting school, our nephew being born, finding out we were gaining princess number 2 and an awesome Christmas to name a few highlights! 
We finished the year off on a high with the best news we could have asked for and going in to 2018 with a lot of exciting things to come, plenty of hard work but we're not scared of that. 

Sad the holidays are over but feel we've made the most of them with our families, making some wonderful memories because that's what it's all about in my eyes. Happy to have some normality back and a good spring clean ready for our new arrival! 


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Thursford ~ Santa's Magical Journey

 Wow, just wow. What a magical experience.
I heard such great reviews of Thursford over the last few years, so I could not wait for Mia to be old enough to really appreciate the experience. We've taken her to see Father Christmas each year but she's been pretty wary and frankly a bit nervous of him in person but this year was perfect. I'm sure it was helped by the way Thursford's Father Christmas interacted with her, calling her by her name straight away got it off to a great start.

After hearing about how spectacular their Christmas lights were, I was just as excited as Mia to go. They certainly did not disappoint as i've tried to show in my photographs although they really don't do them justice.

You book a time slot to enter the magical walkthrough which reduces the queueing time, and you can leisurely walk round the spectacular for a good 45 minutes if you want to appreciate and see everything.
There are little stories you can listen to and plenty of things to watch and see. I was amazed at how many things/characters/scenes were moving. Mia's favourite were the dancing penguins she watched whilst waiting to enter Santa's grotto.

The Father Christmas we saw was amazing. Superb interaction. Mia was taken back instantly when he called her by her name and then proceeded to tell her she needed to keep her bedroom tidy and free from all that lego which could not have been more true in this house! He had her attention the whole time and made us adults laugh too (whilst fighting off the emotional tears!)
We didn't feel rushed at all and to end he gave Mia a present and his elf took a photograph of the two of them. Mia was also over the moon with her present, a large Block Tech girl band mansion.

To end our experience we took a seat in the little theatre where we had earlier watched a couple of entertainers. This time a 4d mini film was about to start. This was the perfect way to end the evening.



Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our take on Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

A tradition we decided to begin when Mia was 2 years old. A fun, creative way to bring a little festive magic to our house and something many families have a lot of fun with. 

I think most people will agree, he's the creepiest looking thing ever but there's no mistaking the joy in which he brings so many children! Luckily I personally know many people who have embraced this tradition and I love seeing all the photos over Facebook and Instagram and their little one's reactions. These far outweigh the negativity I've seen. 

I collect things in the sales after christmas ready to use the following years. Christmas activity books and crafts for example and at times throughout December our elf delivers these to Mia. He brings an advent calendar, a new set of Christmas Pjs, some slippers and a new Christmas story. These are all things I would have given her anyway so to me I'm not spending anything extra. 
As for time, ignoring the hours spent on pinterest looking for new ideas, I spend no longer than a few minutes setting up each evening so to hear "some parents have too much time on their hands" is ridiculous. 

My point to this post is simple, Make magic for your family in whichever way works for you and as the old saying goes If you've nothing nice to say... 
Do what is right for you and your family and don't judge others for doing what's right for theirs. 

Happy Elfing!! 
Here are some of Mia's favourite elf moments from the last few years... 


Monday, 4 December 2017

It's A.......💖💙

 At 17 weeks we booked a gender scan. Our reasons being, firstly Mia was able to join us at this scan which she isn't able to at the hospital, (a decision by them I wholeheartidly agree with). It was something I wanted her to experience and it was worth every penny. Seeing her little face light up when she saw baby on the screen was magical and to share the moment we found out we were having another daughter was a moment i'll treasure forever. 
Secondly, the amount of stuff I have from having Mia is insane. As you do with baby number 1, you shop and shop and then people are so generous and I kept literally everything. Therefore we knew, if baby number two was a boy we were going to have a lot of sorting out to do. 
Thirdly, we're just damn impatient! 

We are all thrilled to be gaining another little Princess. I have a sister and it's the bond we have which had a big impact on deciding I personally wanted another child. Now knowing Mia will have a sister fills me with excitement for her.