Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Daddy & Daughter Love

Happy Fathers Day

Sunday brought my Hubby's second Fathers Day and we chose to have a family day at Colchester Zoo! Last year on Fathers Day we went to Banham which we didn't really rate.
This year was much better and Daddy loved showing Mia all the animals and she really took more notice which made for some beautiful memories.

We call her our little monkey and they were by far her favourites. She's really coming on now with her speech (for 19 months old) and recognises the animals and makes the noises so she really was in her element.
Here are a few photos -
They really adore each other....
 True Love <3


  1. I love Colchester Zoo - it's by far one of the best ones out there! Been a long time since I've been there but I must put it in my plans to take my little one!

  2. It's definitely one of my favourites! To make it even better we used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers and it didn't cost us a penny! Top Mummy Tip!! x