Saturday, 27 September 2014

Mia's Playhouse Transformation!

A Garden fit for a Toddler!

So I'd been looking at wooden playhouses for a while but nothing had taken my eye. They all looked too plain and shed-like! Then I found Pinterest! There are some incredible designs and I soon realised we could make it how we wanted. A house fit for a Princess!

First we had to create a space and ordered the Playhouse from Argos.

 It was instantly loved! 

I used Cuprinol Garden Shades to paint, it gave great coverage and a lovely pastel colour. 
Lanterns were bought from B & M, as were the colourful plant pots and even the carpet tiles we laid inside. 

 Round the edges we used Miracle Grow "Flower Magic" to decorate the edges and create wild flowers around the Magical Fairy Garden! 

From this.......

To this.....
Next addition....a kitchen 😊

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