Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween !!

I have these ideas and instead of telling me I'm crazy, my amazing hubby makes it happen! This came out so much better than i could have ever imagined! When Mia saw him she fell in love... "Hello Olaf..!" In her excited little voice!


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Elf on the Shelf!!

Finally I got my hands on an elf! I'm not a fan of the official one so I could not have been happier when I came across this little fellow! 

I've come across this great little website to print your own Elf Kit,

I hope to be posting daily throughout December to come follow us on our Elf on the Shelf adventures!! 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Disney Tag

Blogger Mumma recently posted the Disney Tag! So here's Mine! 

I love Disney, always have! And now I get to educate my daughter in all things Disney! The Disney channel is the only thing we have on and can quite often be found dancing around the living room to the soundtracks! 

Favourite Disney Film?  

My favourite film is Beauty & The Beast 💖

Favourite Disney Character?

Minnie Mouse, all time favourite and now Mia's fact she thinks She is Minnie... 

Favourite Disney Princess?


Rather be Aurora or Cinderella?

Cinderella , never enjoyed Sleeping Beauty. 

Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?


Rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?

Lizzie McGuire. 

Favourite Disney Song?

Ohhhhh I just can't wait to be king!! Lion king, love it! 

Which Disney character would be your best friend?

Tinkerbell! I recon we could cause much mischief with being seen ☺️

Which Disney character would be your pet?

Abu...he's one cool monkey! 

Have you ever been to Disneyland?

No, but we're planning to take Mia in a couple of years and I for one cannot wait! 

Our Letter From Father Christmas/Santa from LAPLAND MAILROOM

68 Sleeps to Christmas!!!

I know, I said the "C" word.. But we're in October and there's no avoiding it! Whilst I'm not organised with my shopping (I secretly LOVE the December shopping rush) I have been planning for a while how to make Christmas special for my little girl. This will be the first Christmas she begins to understand and the start of all those magical traditions I want to pass onto her. What better way than a personalised letter from Father Christmas straight from the Lapland Mailroom.

Lapland Mailroom was set up by a Husband & Wife team offering personalised letters to children all over the world. I instantly loved the magical style of the website and that the Santa looks authentic!

The website was super quick and simple to order and personalise.
There are 4 differently worded letters to choose from, so that siblings do not have to receive exactly the same, with a package option to suit everyone. Each is personalised to include name, age, address of where Father Christmas will be delivering and also details such as the child's best friend and the gift he/she is wanting to receive. I know she will particularly love knowing that Santa saw his elves wrapping one of Mason's (Mia's best friend) presents!

Kids love having their own post and instantly on the envelope they can see they have a letter from Santa with an "Official Lapland Seal".

We were lucky enough to be sent our personalised greeting from Father Christmas, along with a  2014 Nice Child Certificate (Nice touch!) and a very exciting activity pack, which for an extra £1 is a bargain! Included in the pack was;
  • Colour in Santa Stop here sign
  • Christmas tree decoration
  • Door hanger
  • Elf Yourself Activity
  • Christmas card
All of which I know she will love colouring in.



I think the letters are fantastic, good quality and authentic. The detail would be great for any children starting to doubt if Santa is real.

Obviously it's a little early to give Mia's reaction but I will be sealing the letter up and delivering it to her a little closer to Christmas. This will be her first letter from Santa and so the perfect little keepsake. I cannot wait to see her face!

For a FREE Nice Child Certificate with all orders go ahead to Lapland Mailroom and place your order today! Limited time only.

Lapland Mailroom can also be found on Social Networks too -

We were sent our letter from Father Christmas for free for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Toucan Box - First Timers!

So I'd seen lots of people having fun with these Toucan boxes so thought we'd give it a try. 
I was impressed with how quickly it turned up and there was plenty of materials inside. 

We got the Jellyfish kit and together had lots of fun making it. Mia is a tad young for the activity so needed lots of help but she loved doing all the stickers and googly eyes and once made she's played with them every day! 

This was a perfect rainy day activity and whilst I don't think I'll subscribe to receive one on a regular basis until she's a little older, I'm definitely going to have one keep in the cupboard for these kinda days! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

♥Autumn Loves♥

We're into October, which can only mean Autumn is now opon us!
We've been stomping through the leaves and hunting for conkers and suddenly all these childhood memories came flooding back and I remembered why I love Autumn!
We tend to focus on negatives all too often so instead of moaning about the cold or the dark nights here some of my Autumn loves...
♥Jumping in a pile of fallen leaves
♥Snuggly evenings under the duvet
♥Bright Morning & Dark Nights
♥Hot Chocolates
♥Stew & Dumplings
♥Snuggles in front of the fire
♥Pumpkin Carving
♥Fluffy Socks
♥Snow Boots♥
♥Christmas things in the shops!
And the realisation that very soon I'm going to have a 2 year old!!!
What are your Autumn Loves??