Sunday, 5 October 2014

♥Autumn Loves♥

We're into October, which can only mean Autumn is now opon us!
We've been stomping through the leaves and hunting for conkers and suddenly all these childhood memories came flooding back and I remembered why I love Autumn!
We tend to focus on negatives all too often so instead of moaning about the cold or the dark nights here some of my Autumn loves...
♥Jumping in a pile of fallen leaves
♥Snuggly evenings under the duvet
♥Bright Morning & Dark Nights
♥Hot Chocolates
♥Stew & Dumplings
♥Snuggles in front of the fire
♥Pumpkin Carving
♥Fluffy Socks
♥Snow Boots♥
♥Christmas things in the shops!
And the realisation that very soon I'm going to have a 2 year old!!!
What are your Autumn Loves??

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