Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fireworks Night

My favourite thing about Bonfire night..?? Sparklers! Every 5th November as a child and beyond we celebrated with sparklers even if we hadn't gone to a display. This year I allowed Mia to join in on the fun! She'd been asking to see fireworks for weeks (not sure where she'd picked that up from!) so along with some friends we had our own mini fireworks display. 

We first took Mia to see fireworks when she was only about 6 months old as they had them at a local beach throughout the summer last year and so they have never worried her. She's seen several since but I felt this time she really took notice and has been talking about them ever since. 

We took her to an big organised display and she thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm so very glad we took her from a young age so that the noise etc doesn't worry her and we all had fun! 

So wrap them up warm, be safe have fun :) 


  1. Lovely photos I've only just introduced my kids to Bonfire night and its great wish I'd taken them sooner as my eldest is 3 and they both screamed and laughed with excitement :) x

  2. Love hearing their little squeals of excitement and the "wow Mummy!!" :D x