Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Dinosaur That Pooped ~ Book Review

Mia's just turned 2, she loves books. Over the last few months she has been asking for a "storieeeee" before bed. I'm keen to encourage this and believe it has played a big part in why her speech and vocabulary is very good for her age.
Whilst I'm not a big reader myself, I do enjoy reading to her as does her Daddy so I was thrilled to be sent The Dinosaur that Pooped series to review.

If you aren't aware of these books (as i wasn't) , they have been wrote by Dougie Poynter & Tom Fletcher (Mcfly) and they are rhyming picture books which make for very fun and easy reading. I can see as she gets older she'll be able to finish the sentences which can only be great for her own reading and writing.

We received the books a few days before Christmas and so we had to start by reading The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas. As a child, our Christmas Eve book was The Night Before Christmas and I can still remember every word. I think a big reason being was that the booked rhymed. As I was reading this to Mia Christmas Eve, I had nostalgic feelings of my Dad reading me that book and felt The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas has been written in a very similar way and would become one that was brought out every Christmas.

As a quick summery, the books are about a boy called Danny. In this one, Danny wants everything for Christmas...he gets a dinosaur, and a hungry one at that. Danny's dino eats up all of Christmas and well, what goes in has to come out!

There are two more books in the series; 
In this explosive space adventure, how will Danny get home when his dinosaur eats their rocket?
where Danny & his dinosaur flew back through history on a time-travelling swing! 

These have also been a big hit, well for us all. Mia has a small collection of lovely books however there's always one that has to be read over and over again. I can honestly say, I don't think we're going to get bored of these and judging by the giggles coming from both Mia and Daddy (obviously you're never too old for Poop jokes!) last night when reading together I'd say they both agree! 

Best Part?? You can now get all 3 books on Amazon for under £12!! 

The Giggles Family


  1. AH these sound great, Monkey loves books too and he loves dinosaurs so I am sure he wuld enjoy these :) xx #kidtested

  2. They really are lots of fun and we enjoy reading them as much as she does! X

  3. My sister used these during poppy training ha ha. Brilliant books. Lovely review and photos ;) #KidTested

    1. Oooo great idea! Thank you for your feedback ☺️ #kidstested x