Monday, 21 December 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ November

November for us was all about my little Princess's 3rd Birthday. Where does the time go?? We have a fun filled with with family & friends celebrating and so here are some images which sum up November for us.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Breakfast With Santa! *UPDATED*


I'm looking forward to Christmas this year, having Mia just turned 3 I really feel she's going to be able to really enjoy the build up and join in all the festivities. Last year we took her to a local garden centre to meet Father Christmas. Whilst she loved the Winter Wonderland created outside the grotto, when it came to seeing the big man himself....she was terrified and spent most of the short meeting in tears! The second we left she was absolutely fine and only last week told me what gift she received from Father Christmas last year. Being a year older, and understanding more, I was looking for an event to take her to this year.

I love the idea of Breakfast with Santa. Mia loves other children and I think seeing all the other boys and girls will add to the excitement. Plus I only had to mention a cooked breakfast and hubby was game!

Wyevale Garden Centres are all around the UK and offer a Breakfast or Tea with Santa from 14th November right up until 24th December in most centres.

There are several food options and prices start from for adults £3.99 for a mini tea or breakfast, £7.99 for full and £9.99 for the children who will receive a present which is very reasonable. Dates and times vary by each centre and spaces are getting booked up fast so if this is something you'd be interested in, check out your local centre online here.

We have been lucky enough to be invited and cannot wait to go. I shall share what we thought when we have been!

Share with me your favourite festive activities and traditions you do in your family. If this is as good as it sounds, I'd love to start this as a tradition every year. As a child, we always visited Santa the weekend before Christmas at a local place on a train which unfortunately doesn't run any more but it's things like this that make unforgettable memories.

20th December 2015
Today was the day we had our breakfast with Santa and what a great experience! The room and tables were set up all festive and we were all eager for breakfast which absolutely did not disappoint! We had a full English breakfast, and Mia had sausage, scrambled egg, beans, a hash brown and a mountain of toast and a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and juice.
After breakfast Santa arrived, he was really friendly and the children got to have a lengthy chat with him before choosing themselves a present.
When Mia returned to our table, she received a Christmas Tree biscuit to decorate with icing, chocolate, smarties and sprinkles.
All in all, all 3 of us had a great morning. Nothing was rushed and there was just a nice amount of people there together. We all left feeling very full and festive.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ October

October summed up was full of fresh Autumn days, Birthday Prep and Halloween fun. I love this time of year, the festivities allow us to be super creative and lots of excuses to make yummy treats. Here's our month in Pictures ~

October was also exciting as we got to pick up these two little beauties! 
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

#MilkDrinkersDrink Cravendale & Chocolate Cookies


The nights are drawing in and the days getting colder. With that there's nothing more I love than cosy nights in, in front of the fire watching a movie with my two favourite people...and the kittens! Gone are the days of wine and movie nights, I struggle to finish a glass in the evening let alone a bottle. So now for something we can all enjoy. An ice cold glass of milk and some homemade cookies Mia and I have baked in the day. We make all kind of biscuits together but these chocolate cookies I'm going to share with you today, are the perfect snack with Cravendale.


4oz Sugar
4oz Butter
4oz Plain Flour
1oz Cocoa
1tbsp Golden Syrup

  • Mix the butter and sugar together.
  • Add in the golden syrup
  • Fold in the flour and cocoa
  • Once the dough has formed, roll in to small balls with a diameter of 3cm
  • Place on to a baking tray, about 5cm apart so when cooked they don't touch, and bake for 10 minutes at 180°C
  • When done, let them cool for a few minutes on the tray before moving them onto your cooling rack. 

Fancy something extra chocolatey? Add in some chocolate chips (or even marshmallows (or both!!)) to the dough!

I recently purchased these cute milk bottles and coloured straws which have quickly become a favourite to drink out of and they look especially cute with milk.

Mia chooses Daddy a green straw, me a blue and herself a pink straw. She picks out the biggest cookie, chooses her bedtime story we settle down for the evening. It's the simplest of things that make the most precious memories, and I am loving making them with my little family.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersDrink Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

GRRRRR ~ By Rob Biddulph ~ Book Review

By Rob Biddulph

 I opened the parcel and pulled out this book, before I was able to look at it Mia had asked to have it. Fine I thought, and awaited her to ask me to read it to her, or hear her say "I don't know the words" but no.. She plonked herself on the sofa with her cuddly toy and began to read it herself. Okay, she'll only almost 3 so no she wasn't reading the words, but from the pictures she was telling the story which whilst this is usually what I encourage, it was unusual for her to do this off her own back. Therefore I knew this book was going to be a hit straight away. I listened carefully and when she'd finished I ask her what the book was about. I then offered to read the words to her which I did, with her giving me her account on the book too.

So what's it about?
Grrrrr is a beautiful picture book. Fred the grizzly bear is the champian for the loudest growl in the forest, until one day he wakes up with no GRRRRR! Will Fred find his growl? And actually, does winning always count?

This is a lovely little book, with a lovely message. Friends really are the best prize of all. I love when books like this have short rhyming verses, for me it makes it easy and fun to read and for little ones I feel they connect with the story and can guess what words are coming next. The illustrations are bold and full of colour too.

Mia said her favourite bit was the bears roared. She was able to recognise the word "GRRRRR" very quickly and made the sound at the right times. Mia and Daddy love to read this together and compare the growls at each other! Which leads me nicely on to the app.

If you like the sound of the book, click HERE to go to the GRRRRR App where you can upload your little ones very best roar to get your own certificate and be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of the book. Mia's just done hers!

Do your kiddies have the winning roar???

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Toddler Halloween ~ Crafts

Mia started preschool last month and we've been getting little updates of what she gets up to. One of the most recent activities she's been enjoying has involved shapes. Painting pictures with shapes, creating pictures with shapes and copying simple patterns with different shapes. Within this, her key workers ask her to identify the shapes and colours, and note down which she gets correct and which she's unsure of. I've found this so interesting and useful as I'm able to use this in our own activities and help and encourage her with what she's unsure of.

I wanted to try and do a shape activity with her but themed with the time of year. I love the autumn and winter for activities, there's so many ideas and festivities to include. Whilst searching Pinterest, I came across these pumpkin templates from

Mia was able to draw shapes on to the templates, telling me what they were as she went along. I also had some little foam shapes she used too. When we had the hang of that, I cut her out a big pumpkin and some shapes out of coloured paper and did the same but on a larger scale.

Such a simple activity but one which I think she got a lot out of, whilst having great fun making funny faces. When she had finished, she was ready to draw her shapes on her proper pumpkin which she had picked herself last week, ready for Daddy to carve.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Toddler Halloween ~ Cupcakes

Halloween Bakes

I LOVE this time of the year for baking so I thought we'd kick start it by some Halloween bakes that Mia could join in with. These spooky cupcakes are super simple and use just a basic sponge mix. 
When made, I separated the mix in to different bowls and added some food colouring. I like the food colours gels as oppose to the liquids, I just find them not so runny and give a stronger colour. We choose orange, green and purple. 

For the icing, I made some butter cream and again initially separated the mix and added different food colour. Once i'd done the orange I thought i'd just go straight in with the purple and accidentally created this multicoloured effect which I love! There are tons of tutorials on mixing your coloured icing but this was an accident and I wasn't precise with the colours at all! For these Halloween themed cupcakes I think the icing looks great!

For the Decoration, I got these little spider toppers (and the web cases) from Asda and also the sweets which Mia used to make monster faces with. She had great fun creating her monsters! 

If you want to see our Halloween Bakes from last year the post is HERE

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ September 2015

September was a busy month with my "little" sister's Wedding, which was beautiful. With the prep and sorting the aftermath that has taken up out month! The sun shone bright and it was a perfect family day. If that wasn't enough, Mia started preschool. She absolutely loves it there and is thriving already, but it's going to take some time for me to get use to! Where on earth does the time go?
Some of my favourite photos from the month!