Thursday, 5 March 2015

Crafty Easter Haul

Mia absolutely loves crafty activities, colouring, painting, generally getting messy....what toddler doesn't? So with Easter coming up and the shops full of activity ideas, it was the perfect excuse to have a little splurge! All of these items are from The Range & Hobbycraft.

First up that caught my eye was this Easter Bunny STOP Here sign, at only £1 how could I not? Some mini Easter chicks which will probably be used on our cornflake cakes recipe here which were again only £1 and some bright yellow sugar paste to decorate some Easter themed cookies as I bought some new cutters (again £1!) 

Thanks to Pinterest I've found some super easy toddler appropriate Easter cards to make and paint together hence the card and paints (can you guess from the colours what the design will be?) Some googly eyes and flower stickers to decorate too.

For the Easter weekend itself, we're going to do an egg hunt as this will be the first year Mia can properly take part so these plastic eggs will work brilliantly. They're just big enough to fit the mini creme eggs or mini eggs in, perfect for a 2 year old. This also meant she needed a little bucket to collect her eggs. There was so many to choose from, several felt ones and these tin ones which Mia herself chose. Buckets were £1. 

Lastly these little hanging decorations which will go up in Mia's room, again only £1. Just a cute little idea to introduce Easter to her. Hopefully over the next week I'll post the results of our crafty purchases, cards and food. All these were very inexpensive and just lovely ideas for us to do together.

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