Monday, 2 March 2015

Disney Chat

That's it, Disneyland Paris is booked! 

For us, this will be the absolute holiday of a lifetime. This will be our first family holiday and where better to spend it? I have never been to Disneyland, but have dreamed for so so long! 

Last year was quite a dark time, and resulted in us being all too aware that you only live once and circumstances can change too quickly. With that in mind, a lot of hard work and a little help from family at Christmas we have booked our holiday. 

So many what ifs and questions around money, is Mia old enough, can we afford time off work bla bla but sod it, Mia is only young once and what's the point in working bloody hard if you can't enjoy it! 

So very shortly we'll be off, and before I'll be doing some posts on outfits & travelling with a toddler essentials mainly for me because I'm frankly terrified so hopefully this will help me channel my obsession to be organised and anxiety issues. 

Mia is so excited. (As are we!) At 2, I never expected her to be so aware of the whole concept but every day she'll tell me we're off to Disneyland... But "Not yet Mummy" . She's going to give Minnie a big cuddle and hold Goofy's hand. We spend hours together watching YouTube videos on Disneyland to prepare her which she loves. Hubby's also informed me of all the rides he'll be going on! 

Pre holiday purchases coming soon... ! 

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