Thursday, 30 April 2015

Monsters Love Underpants *Book Review & Competition*

Monsters Love Underpants 
By Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

Having already read Aliens Love Underpants with Mia, I was pleased to be sent Monsters Love Underpants to review. We have Aliens Love Underpants in our waiting area in the salon and it is one all the children love and giggle at.

Monsters Love Underpants is fun and colourful with a silly story, set out in rhythmic verses. This not only makes it easy for me to read and have fun with but I feel when the story rhymes, it makes it easy to pick up and remember. At the moment, I read a book to Mia and then I get her to read it me. She's two, obviously she can't read it, but I mean she tells me her own story by what is happening in the pictures and she's remembering some if the rhymes I've read by the illustrations.
The illustrations are superb! They're bright and colourful which is great as Mia's learning her colours. We're also starting potty training so I'm now told her has to have flowers pants like the pink monster! Judging by the number of times I've been asked to read this book already this week, I can say Mia enjoyed this book.
She loves being read to and pants are funny right?!

This is the seventh collaboration from Claire Freedman and Ben Cort and with combined sales of 3 million copies, the figures speak for themselves.

For your chance to win a bundle books and toy sets from the underpants series go check out this APP . All you have to do is send in your photo of your little monster.

To Purchase the book ~ Amazon

I was sent a copy of the book to be able to review and write this blog post, all opinions are that of my own and daughters.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

NEXT May 2015 Collection ~ Garden Wishlist

So this week I received the new collection catalogue from Next and I was so pleased particulary to see as increased amount of items for the garden (and even more online!) With the weather getting warmer, we've been busy out in our garden getting set for some summer fun and so after seeing all these lovely bits from Next I've put together a wishlist.

1. Set of 3 Solar Powered Ribbed Jars £22
I've been trying my hand at some DIY candle lanterns to hand in my tree but think these glass jars would look great as a centre piece on the table outside.

2. 20 Solar Paper Lantern Line Lights £16
I just love these colours, and am going to decorate Mia's wooden playhouse with these.

3. Large Metal Bird Feeding Station £38
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I've been making bird food moulded in to different shapes which I think would look great handing on here.

4. Set of 2 Metal Planters £35
I adore this rustic metal planters. I've grown lots of flowers from seed this year and can just see an abundance of colours in these.

5. "Gardeners know the BEST DIRT" Sign £10
I laughed as soon as I saw this! I'd love one hanging up in the garden and this in mind as a gift for a certain someone!

6. Garden Cut Out Bunting £10
Simple. Cute.

7 & 8 . Pink Ombre Wine Glasses £20 & Pink Glass Jug £12
I recently purchased a Kilner glass drinks dispenser (in pink of course) and when I spotted these, thought they would match perfectly. I love the bright pink ~ perfect for summer.

9. Apple Pod £1099
.......................................Oh yes I just did!! Okay, a tad out of my price range, but wow... I can dream right?

All items featured can be found at

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter 2015

We had a lot of fun in particular this year, I really felt Mia was old enough to take part, enjoy and start to understand Easter. She was spoilt of course, and has enough chocolate to last her the rest of the year (even with a little help from Mummy & Daddy!) and even received some super cute non chocolate gifts from family.
I'd bought some plastic eggs, which I featured in my crafty haul, which were great for our egg hunt. I'd also picked up a set from The Works (for £1!!!) which included everything you needed to set up your egg hunt included these cute signs.
Mia heard me get up and shouted through..."Has the Easter Bunny Been Mummy?" .. 
She had great fun finding all the little eggs (almost as much as Daddy had hiding them!) 
It was lovely to have so much time off together over the weekend and being able to do things as a family. We did a couple of local egg hunts before Easter Sunday when we did our own, and we all had great fun. 
On the Monday, we visited Blickling Hall. Initially to do the Cadbury's Egg hunt they and several other National Trust places had on. Unfortunately they'd been so popular all the eggs had ran out, however it was a lovely sunny day and we wandered round the gardens and the most beautiful flowers and Mia loved running free and exploring somewhere new. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ March 2015

My memories from March...

We had a couple of family Birthdays in March so meals out and a rather lovely afternoon tea with sandwiches, sausages rolls, cheese straws and for the sweets, some mini desserts. The particular favourite being the tiny cheesecakes and chocolate ├ęclairs!

Mothers Day ~ I had a lovely day and was spoilt by both Hubby and my princess. We met some family and went out for breakfast which made a really nice change. Even when Mia announced to most of the restaurant... "Beans make me fart! < Parenting done right right there!

Pre-School ~ This month we got to visit what will be Mia's preschool! The thought was absolutely terrifying especially as we weren't expecting her to go quite so soon and she's still our baby! Having said that, we also took her along to see what she thought and she was incredible. She left us and was off. She cried when we brought her away! I was concerned seeing as she's never been to anything like that and I never did any of the "baby groups" but that doesn't seem to have held her back. She spoke beautifully to both the adults and children and played perfectly so I know she's so ready for it and I just know she'll thrive in that environment. Even her key-workers assumed she had siblings due to her confidence. *Proud Mummy Moments!*

Easter Prep ~ We had lots of fun preparing for Easter this month. Lots of crafts with Mia making cards and decorations and then lots of baking goodies which you will have seen up on the blog already. I think Easter is my favourite for baking.

Also Hubby bought me a new camera... :O so lots of practice photos taken!!

April ~ Lots of garden plans for this month so stay tuned for DIY attempts preparing for the summer fun!