Saturday, 11 April 2015

Easter 2015

We had a lot of fun in particular this year, I really felt Mia was old enough to take part, enjoy and start to understand Easter. She was spoilt of course, and has enough chocolate to last her the rest of the year (even with a little help from Mummy & Daddy!) and even received some super cute non chocolate gifts from family.
I'd bought some plastic eggs, which I featured in my crafty haul, which were great for our egg hunt. I'd also picked up a set from The Works (for £1!!!) which included everything you needed to set up your egg hunt included these cute signs.
Mia heard me get up and shouted through..."Has the Easter Bunny Been Mummy?" .. 
She had great fun finding all the little eggs (almost as much as Daddy had hiding them!) 
It was lovely to have so much time off together over the weekend and being able to do things as a family. We did a couple of local egg hunts before Easter Sunday when we did our own, and we all had great fun. 
On the Monday, we visited Blickling Hall. Initially to do the Cadbury's Egg hunt they and several other National Trust places had on. Unfortunately they'd been so popular all the eggs had ran out, however it was a lovely sunny day and we wandered round the gardens and the most beautiful flowers and Mia loved running free and exploring somewhere new. 

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