Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ March 2015

My memories from March...

We had a couple of family Birthdays in March so meals out and a rather lovely afternoon tea with sandwiches, sausages rolls, cheese straws and for the sweets, some mini desserts. The particular favourite being the tiny cheesecakes and chocolate ├ęclairs!

Mothers Day ~ I had a lovely day and was spoilt by both Hubby and my princess. We met some family and went out for breakfast which made a really nice change. Even when Mia announced to most of the restaurant... "Beans make me fart! < Parenting done right right there!

Pre-School ~ This month we got to visit what will be Mia's preschool! The thought was absolutely terrifying especially as we weren't expecting her to go quite so soon and she's still our baby! Having said that, we also took her along to see what she thought and she was incredible. She left us and was off. She cried when we brought her away! I was concerned seeing as she's never been to anything like that and I never did any of the "baby groups" but that doesn't seem to have held her back. She spoke beautifully to both the adults and children and played perfectly so I know she's so ready for it and I just know she'll thrive in that environment. Even her key-workers assumed she had siblings due to her confidence. *Proud Mummy Moments!*

Easter Prep ~ We had lots of fun preparing for Easter this month. Lots of crafts with Mia making cards and decorations and then lots of baking goodies which you will have seen up on the blog already. I think Easter is my favourite for baking.

Also Hubby bought me a new camera... :O so lots of practice photos taken!!

April ~ Lots of garden plans for this month so stay tuned for DIY attempts preparing for the summer fun!

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