Friday, 1 May 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ April 2015

So.....where did April go?! However that can only mean we're one month closer to holiday! I'm really enjoying doing these little month by month flashbacks and think they'll be great little posts for me to look back on come the end of the year. So my favourite memories of April...

We kicked off with Easter, Mia was great fun to take part in all our little activites and egg hunts but we also had some quality family time too. Some of our days out included;

Blickling Hall

Wroxham Barns

Pensthorpe Natural Park

I am loving the light sunny evenings which have allowed for some evening walks through the woods too, and getting our garden all set for summer BBQs!

 *Proud Mummy Moment*
In April Mia had her 2 and a half year review. I was nervous, not because I had any worries with her but I guess because she's my first and I obviously think she's doing great but to have someone come in and evaluate her development is daunting! I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The HV was full of praise and so complimentary of her and me, so much so, I almost began to feel broody again! Mia's doing all she's supposed to and more, and when she asked her to thread the string through the cotton reals, Mia ever so politely but surely told her she wasn't happy because there were no pink ones! I hadn't weighed her for a long while so I was please to be told her height and weight could not be any more in proportion! All in all, well done kiddo *Mwah*

May ~ Lots of Disney prep to do, more days out planned and a wedding so lots of pretty photo opportunities. 

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