Sunday, 5 July 2015

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My 12 Happy Months ~ June 2015 DISNEY!!

June was all about our holiday to Disneyland Paris, quite simply the most magical trip I've ever had. So June's post is going to be a spam of Disney photos!
Mia was 2 and a half when we went, in response to those "She'll never remember it....what's the point..." This holiday was for the 3 of us, each of us got a huge amount out of it. Will she remember it? Probably not, but then that's not why we went. She was the absolute perfect age, to see the expressions on her face, the excitement, the magic and she believed it all. She knew who everyone was, she wasn't scared one bit of the characters and easily went on 80% of the rides. She wasn't measured nor stopped on going on any of the rides she wanted to. Daddy then went of the other 20% of the rides which were the roller-coasters and I happily watched! If the last year or so has taught me anything, tomorrow isn't promised ~ we got the chance to go and we did it. Will we go again? I hope so, but if we don't we have the most amazing memories.

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