Monday, 19 October 2015

Toddler Halloween ~ Crafts

Mia started preschool last month and we've been getting little updates of what she gets up to. One of the most recent activities she's been enjoying has involved shapes. Painting pictures with shapes, creating pictures with shapes and copying simple patterns with different shapes. Within this, her key workers ask her to identify the shapes and colours, and note down which she gets correct and which she's unsure of. I've found this so interesting and useful as I'm able to use this in our own activities and help and encourage her with what she's unsure of.

I wanted to try and do a shape activity with her but themed with the time of year. I love the autumn and winter for activities, there's so many ideas and festivities to include. Whilst searching Pinterest, I came across these pumpkin templates from

Mia was able to draw shapes on to the templates, telling me what they were as she went along. I also had some little foam shapes she used too. When we had the hang of that, I cut her out a big pumpkin and some shapes out of coloured paper and did the same but on a larger scale.

Such a simple activity but one which I think she got a lot out of, whilst having great fun making funny faces. When she had finished, she was ready to draw her shapes on her proper pumpkin which she had picked herself last week, ready for Daddy to carve.

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