Monday, 4 July 2016

Chessington World of Adventures ~ Trip Report!

So last weekend we had a mini break at Chessington. We booked for a Sunday - Monday, with in mind that we would get some weekend benefits and then on the Monday it would be less busy queuing wise in the park. This worked really well, we were able to enjoy two days in the park, go after hours in to the Wanyama Village and AMAZU and we could have taken part in the evening entertainment in the hotel. We didn't, purely because we were exhausted after a long day and only finished our evening meal around half 8.


Firstly we booked early, and so were able to get our second day in the park free. We chose a themed room in the Safari Hotel, which was the Penguin room. This was awesome, by far the coolest room we've ever stayed in. Mia was in her element and even hubby was amused by the decor and said the bed was the comfiest he's stayed in. It was just super fun and added a luxury element to the holiday. It was clean and comfy and the view was beautiful, overlooking the zebras and giraffes.
Mia loved her "Up-Down bed" and enjoyed her mission in the room, which when complete gave her a 4 digit code to open a safe which revealed a prize. Unfortunately the safe was broken, however someone kindly came and gave her two little animal teddies to make up for this.
By staying in this particular room, we also got VIP parking which was very handy.

We arrived at the park early on the Sunday and decided to focus on the Zoo aspects of the park. We saw all the animals and watched the shows and talks we wanted.

The Penguins live show was a big highlight for Mia, it is the first thing she now tells people about. It was fun and interactive and even had the adults laughing.

Pandamonium was also a highlight. A show featuring life-like animatronic pandas which was funny, clever and very entertaining.
Hubby's favourite were the Lorikeets which you are able to feed so they get right up close and personal!

I download the Chessington App prior to our visit which was absolutely brilliant for finding out times of each event and even tracking where we were and how to get to each event. As for ride que times, we found it to be fairly accurate, we had fast track tickets so didn't have to que too much but when we did the app worked for us.

On the Sunday evening we had dinner at the hotel restaurant Zafari. We booked a table a week before we went, which I would advise doing as I found there were limited time slots available even a week before. I could not fault the food at all. It was tasty, plentiful and presented beautifully. Yes it is on the pricey side, however for us, this was our holiday so if we can't splash out then when can we?!
The only issue we had was the service which I don't feel was up to scratch with the food. It was incredibly slow, however when we finally got to order, the food did come quickly. Luckily, being on holiday we weren't in any rush and Mia does cope well in restaurants. I can see this could be a problem for some children though having probably had a full day in the park. That said, the staff we encountered were friendly and great with the children.

Monday morning we headed down to breakfast at our allocated time, 7.45 which worked great as it was quiet and we had booked a swim session for 9.30am. Breakfast was plentiful, a buffet style where available was a hot breakfast along side cereal, fruit, yogurt and even croissants and mini donuts much to my husband's delight.

9.30 we checked out and headed down for our swim slot. This has to be booked in advance to the earlier the better. You then are given an available hour session. The splash pool was great, really warm and lots of water fountains and two slides. In that hour Mia really gained her confidence in the water. I was gutted the jacuzzi was out of action but we were able to enjoy the sauna.

We then went back in to the park to enjoy the rides. Mia's favourite was Bubbleworks. Probably because Mummy got wet... I was expecting it to be like "Its a small world" in Disney, and whilst it is lovely, it wasn't as gentle!
I had seen lots of complaints about ride closures but whilst we were there, there was only one ride shut which we would have gone on.
A highlight for us all was Zufari, getting up close with the giraffes and rhinos on the safari truck. Tip...Don't sit on the far left seats on the back row unless you wish to get wet :)

All in all we found there was plenty to do over both days and something for each of us. We made some lovely memories as a family and just having two days away from normal life and just enjoying each other does the world of good.

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