Saturday, 29 October 2016

Halloween Baking

Halloween Baking
with Betty Crocker 

We were lucky enough last week to be sent an array of goodies from the Betty Crocker baking range which we have made full use of this week during half term. 
I'm not usually one to "cheat" as such when it comes to baking however when I do, I do use Betty Crocker. Using the icing, so I was intrigued to compare the cake and cookies mixes. 

We have used in this post-
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Brownie Mix 
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icing

So firstly, they are so easy to use! My daughter LOVES baking with me, and these kits made the process so easy and with so much less mess!! She was pleased with how much she was able to help. 

Secondly, they tasted great! The cookies in particular surprised me and I wasn't sure we're done them right at first because the mixture was wetter than I was use to and the make the required amount I had to make them quite small. However, as you'll see from the photographs, the grew and were the perfect size! Not to mention how yummy they were! 

We put our own little twists on our bakes to make them Halloween themed, which were so simple to do. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Bundt Cake

I'd been searching Pinterest for a while, looking for a different cake to do for Halloween. I'm planning on doing Mia a Halloween inspired tea party and wanted a cake centre piece.

Its cold, it's raining so thought i'd give one i'd found a practice go and seeing as it turned out pretty well I thought i'd share it!

The original post I was following is here but I just used a basic sponge recipe with a couple of twists so here's mine.

Recipe ~

225g Butter
225g Caster Sugar
225g Self Raising Flour
4 Eggs
1 Tsp Vanilla Flavouring

When I'd made my basic sponge mix with the above ingredients, i separated the mix into 4 bowls.
In one, I added orange food colouring and orange food flavouring.
In the second, just purple food colouring. In the third some green food colouring and in the last bowl some cocoa powder.
When putting the mixture in to the bundt tin, I layered the colours one at a time.
Cook at 180° for approximately 35 minutes. 

To decorate ~ 

Simply icing sugar and water separated in to 3 bowls and add the food colouring. I found some Halloween sprinkles in Asda and Mia done the final decorations! 

Okay, so It's not as good as the original post but, I'm not a pro baker and this is simply a fun activity to do with the kids. It also tastes great so hubby will be happy!  

If you'd like to see our previous Halloween bakes i'll post them below. 

 Halloween Cupcakes
 Halloween Bakes
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Monday, 3 October 2016

It's Christmas!! Personalised Letters from Santa

Personalised Letters From Santa

It's Christmas!!... Ok not quite, but this is my favourite time of year so for me it's never too early to start preparing plus everything is in the shops already! 2 years ago, Mia received her first letter from Father Christmas from the Lapland Mailroom and it was beautiful. I wrote a review which you can find here. So this year there was only one place to order from.

Again, we found the whole process super simple and easy to order. I LOVE the detail of the choice of wording and the whole feel of the website just makes you warm inside.

There are 4 different letters to choose from and personalise. This is great for adding little things which will have the children believing every word and also so that siblings don't receive the same letter.

We chose letter number 3 because I felt I could personalise it the most to Mia. I could add a well done for winning her modelling competition and what we left out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve last year. It also had mentions of the elves, and as we have our very own elf stay with us in December I thought this was very fitting.

Once you've chosen your letter, you move on to personalising. You are able to preview the letter once you've added in what you want so you can read through to make sure it all makes sense.

Included with the letter is a FREE Nice Child Certificate which is a cute touch, and for only £1 extra you will receive a lovely Christmas Activity pack. Mia loved doing this last time.

Orders placed now will be posted out from the 2nd December with last order & delivery dates right up until 20th December. You can pay by Paypal too so it could not be simpler.

I cannot wait to see Mia's letter and see her reaction and how it's changed from last year and the year before and of course will be uploading photos Mia's verdict!

Should you wish to take a further look or order any letters, I shall leave all social links below.
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Sunday, 2 October 2016


I've no idea how we're in to October already! That said, we personally have had a jam packed Summer so whilst the weeks have gone by quick, I'm pleased that we've filled them with some lovely memories. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year. Even though I hate the cold, I love the colours of Autumn, the dark cosy evenings, hot dinners...mmmm stews.. and the events in October.

We first went pumpkin picking two years ago, which is one of my favourite things to do in October. I also have a little girlies Birthday early next month so October sees me busy Birthday planning (and boy this year its good!) , I love Halloween and fireworks and dare I say planning for Christmas.

Back to Halloween. I'm keen to find toddler / preschooler friendly activities for Mia & I to do. Like I said we love pumpkin picking, but also she's a crafty girl so this weekend we headed down to Hobbeycraft and Mia chose some Halloween inspired bits to create.

First thing, which we did today were these super cute polystyrene pumpkins. They were 50p each! Which for the time and fun had with them were a bargain. Mia loved painting hers and poured glitter on top for the "hair". These were look really effective hanging on one of those table top trees.

Whilst we had the paints out, we collected apples from the garden and made pumpkin shapes by printing the apples. Super simple but again effective and lots of fun.

What Autumnal activities do you love doing together?