Monday, 3 October 2016

It's Christmas!! Personalised Letters from Santa

Personalised Letters From Santa

It's Christmas!!... Ok not quite, but this is my favourite time of year so for me it's never too early to start preparing plus everything is in the shops already! 2 years ago, Mia received her first letter from Father Christmas from the Lapland Mailroom and it was beautiful. I wrote a review which you can find here. So this year there was only one place to order from.

Again, we found the whole process super simple and easy to order. I LOVE the detail of the choice of wording and the whole feel of the website just makes you warm inside.

There are 4 different letters to choose from and personalise. This is great for adding little things which will have the children believing every word and also so that siblings don't receive the same letter.

We chose letter number 3 because I felt I could personalise it the most to Mia. I could add a well done for winning her modelling competition and what we left out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve last year. It also had mentions of the elves, and as we have our very own elf stay with us in December I thought this was very fitting.

Once you've chosen your letter, you move on to personalising. You are able to preview the letter once you've added in what you want so you can read through to make sure it all makes sense.

Included with the letter is a FREE Nice Child Certificate which is a cute touch, and for only £1 extra you will receive a lovely Christmas Activity pack. Mia loved doing this last time.

Orders placed now will be posted out from the 2nd December with last order & delivery dates right up until 20th December. You can pay by Paypal too so it could not be simpler.

I cannot wait to see Mia's letter and see her reaction and how it's changed from last year and the year before and of course will be uploading photos Mia's verdict!

Should you wish to take a further look or order any letters, I shall leave all social links below.
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