Monday, 12 December 2016

Letters from Santa ~ Lapland Mailroom

We've received our beautiful Santa letter and wow it didn't disappoint! If you missed my previous post on ordering click HERE .
We've had these before, so I was really excited to see this years letter and to see Mia's face now that everything is that bit more "real" and "magical" for her at 4 years old. She knew what it was and where it had come straight away and was really excited for me to read it to her. 
She LOVED all the elf references and her eyes lit up when the letter talked of her little best friend! All these little touches really make these letters really magical.
She was also very pleased to receive a "Nice Child List" Certificate. Another sweet little touch. We also received the activity pack along side the letter which Mia has loved completing with me. This included a Christmas card, a "Santa Stop Here" sign, as well as some decorations and colouring in activities.

IF you haven't ordered already, there is still time to get one of these beautiful letters before Christmas. To view the last posting dates see here.