Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Thursford ~ Santa's Magical Journey

 Wow, just wow. What a magical experience.
I heard such great reviews of Thursford over the last few years, so I could not wait for Mia to be old enough to really appreciate the experience. We've taken her to see Father Christmas each year but she's been pretty wary and frankly a bit nervous of him in person but this year was perfect. I'm sure it was helped by the way Thursford's Father Christmas interacted with her, calling her by her name straight away got it off to a great start.

After hearing about how spectacular their Christmas lights were, I was just as excited as Mia to go. They certainly did not disappoint as i've tried to show in my photographs although they really don't do them justice.

You book a time slot to enter the magical walkthrough which reduces the queueing time, and you can leisurely walk round the spectacular for a good 45 minutes if you want to appreciate and see everything.
There are little stories you can listen to and plenty of things to watch and see. I was amazed at how many things/characters/scenes were moving. Mia's favourite were the dancing penguins she watched whilst waiting to enter Santa's grotto.

The Father Christmas we saw was amazing. Superb interaction. Mia was taken back instantly when he called her by her name and then proceeded to tell her she needed to keep her bedroom tidy and free from all that lego which could not have been more true in this house! He had her attention the whole time and made us adults laugh too (whilst fighting off the emotional tears!)
We didn't feel rushed at all and to end he gave Mia a present and his elf took a photograph of the two of them. Mia was also over the moon with her present, a large Block Tech girl band mansion.

To end our experience we took a seat in the little theatre where we had earlier watched a couple of entertainers. This time a 4d mini film was about to start. This was the perfect way to end the evening.



Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our take on Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

A tradition we decided to begin when Mia was 2 years old. A fun, creative way to bring a little festive magic to our house and something many families have a lot of fun with. 

I think most people will agree, he's the creepiest looking thing ever but there's no mistaking the joy in which he brings so many children! Luckily I personally know many people who have embraced this tradition and I love seeing all the photos over Facebook and Instagram and their little one's reactions. These far outweigh the negativity I've seen. 

I collect things in the sales after christmas ready to use the following years. Christmas activity books and crafts for example and at times throughout December our elf delivers these to Mia. He brings an advent calendar, a new set of Christmas Pjs, some slippers and a new Christmas story. These are all things I would have given her anyway so to me I'm not spending anything extra. 
As for time, ignoring the hours spent on pinterest looking for new ideas, I spend no longer than a few minutes setting up each evening so to hear "some parents have too much time on their hands" is ridiculous. 

My point to this post is simple, Make magic for your family in whichever way works for you and as the old saying goes If you've nothing nice to say... 
Do what is right for you and your family and don't judge others for doing what's right for theirs. 

Happy Elfing!! 
Here are some of Mia's favourite elf moments from the last few years... 


Monday, 4 December 2017

It's A.......💖💙

 At 17 weeks we booked a gender scan. Our reasons being, firstly Mia was able to join us at this scan which she isn't able to at the hospital, (a decision by them I wholeheartidly agree with). It was something I wanted her to experience and it was worth every penny. Seeing her little face light up when she saw baby on the screen was magical and to share the moment we found out we were having another daughter was a moment i'll treasure forever. 
Secondly, the amount of stuff I have from having Mia is insane. As you do with baby number 1, you shop and shop and then people are so generous and I kept literally everything. Therefore we knew, if baby number two was a boy we were going to have a lot of sorting out to do. 
Thirdly, we're just damn impatient! 

We are all thrilled to be gaining another little Princess. I have a sister and it's the bond we have which had a big impact on deciding I personally wanted another child. Now knowing Mia will have a sister fills me with excitement for her. 



Friday, 1 December 2017

Baby Number 2

A Spring Baby
In August we found out we were expecting baby number two, and at the end of October announced it with the photo above. I was about 14/15 weeks when we told people for a number of reasons, mainly because we wanted Mia to be the first to know and we were just enjoying having this secret between us. My sister also had just had her first baby and I in no way wanted to take anything away from that and absolutely wanted her to have their moment. 

12 Week Scan
In September we had what we thought would be our twelve week scan. As it turned out we were only about 10/11 weeks so had to return two weeks later. It was after our second scan we felt ready to let Mia in on our little secret. She was over the moon when she realised what was happening. Especially since she had just had a baby boy cousin who she adores! She did however look at our scan photo and shout "It's a baby sister!" She took it all in but as a 5 year old, I was worried about how she would react and what she would think. The following day all my worries went out of the window. We arrived at school and she told her best friend instantly and started searching in her book bag. Turns out she had taken the scan photo from the table and put in her bag to show off at school! 

As far as the pregnancy goes, it been very familiar from when I was pregnant with Mia. Just like before, i've had no sickness, which given my utter fear of sick, is a total blessing. A few sweet cravings in the beginning (how Sam had guessed), tiredness yes but nothing much more than my usual state! 

I feel prepared although slightly terrified at the thought of birth knowing what's to come this time round! As far as timing goes, for us I feel we're ready. It was something we'd discussed and planned and I'm excited to see the bond between baby and Mia. With her now at school, I'm excited to have the one on one time with baby and to have Mia be the age where she is able to be actively involved. I think any longer and the age gap could have been too much and personally we wanted to be this side of 30! 

I cannot wait to see how things progress and excited for things to come! 


Monday, 2 October 2017

Undley Pumpkin Patch

For the second year running we have visited Undley pumpkin patch, one of my favourite spots and a great afternoon out. This year they have really gone to town so I thought I would share some of my photographs from our day out as I get asked loads about this beautiful place as soon as I start posting photos.

Not only is there is a field full of ready picked pumpkins which just look like a sea of orange which makes for some stunning photographs, but new for this year was a true pick your own part of the field. We picked 3 absolute beauties, 2 of the largest we could find which were £6 each and Mia chose a smaller perfectly round one for herself which was £3.
Mia loves pushing the wheelbarrow around and Daddy walked the whole length of the field in search of the biggest pumpkin. For every pumpkin bought you also get entered in to a competition to win £1000!
There are also smaller ornamental gourds and Mia chose herself a tiny pumpkin like one.

When we drove in to the farm, we were handed a map and inside was a stamp trail which Mia loved doing. Very simple addition but a lovely one.

There was a tent with various seasonal stalls, face painting and a free craft section. There was food tent and van where we enjoyed a delicious hot dog (not something I would usually say!) 
A addition Mia particularly enjoyed which is new for this year was the inflatable obstacle course. There was this, an inflatable pumpkin (which she had remembered from last year) and a "last man standing"  one which looked great fun for the bigger "kids"!  

Unfortunately we didn't have time to partake in the Maize Maze, but this looked bigger than ever and something we'd love to come back and do another day. 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

NEW PJ Masks Magazine ~ Review

PJ Masks Magazine Review 

Mia's Pj Masks obsession all began at the beginning of the summer when she won an Owelette teddy out of the penny machines on the beach. I'd heard of PJ Masks but I wasn't aware of how much Mia knew about them, turns out everything! Since that day I've learnt all their names, their colours, they're powers, you get the idea. It's incredible how much they take in and I love hearing her tell me all about their adventures and to hear her act out and copy them. It makes a refreshing change from the usual Princesses!

So when I heard there was a new PJ Masks magazine coming out, I knew it would go down perfectly with a certain little girly and I was absolutely right. Mia's other love....Magazines. It's rare we can walk in to a shop without checking out all the magazines especially if Mia's Nanny is with us! She usually gets her way and comes away with one but not before I've vetted them for price and stickers!

Being nearly 5, I find she is a funny age with magazines. She loves the stickers and the stories but I find some of the ones aimed particularly at girls seem too grown up for her. This one however ticked all the boxes.

The first thing I checked was the price. At £2.99 it is very reasonable and you will struggle to find a children's magazine for less than this.

Secondly the freebies. This very generously came with several toys, some keys (which now have to open every door in our house and even the car), a camera and a disc shooting weapon (this works brilliantly!) Two weeks on, the keys are still coming out and about with us and none of the toys have broken, which has got to be a record as most of the "freebies" end up in the bin by the end of the day!

Inside the magazine, there are plenty of sticker activities which Mia loves. She likes to have a place where the stickers go rather than to make a pretty picture. There are colouring pages, puzzles and a story all of which are perfect for her age.

The PJ Masks magazine is out NOW monthly and available in all good supermarkets and newsagents across the UK.

We were sent a copy of the magazine in order to be able to write this review, all opinions are our own. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

PYO in Norfolk

Fruit picking, one of my earliest memories with my Grandad and cousin running through the strawberry patches picking (and eating!) the strawberries in particular. So when I found out a couple of years ago there were pick your own farms nearby, i couldn't wait to take my daughter and carry on this memory. It was 2 or 3 years ago when we first went and it has now become a regular summer activity. Mia loves hunting out the reddest, juiciest strawberry or the biggest blueberry she can reach and what is even better is she loves making smoothies/juices with all the fruit she's picked herself.
She has never been one to eat a lot of fruit as it is so we've always had to hide it but this way she's really enjoying the fruit and knowing what she's eaten and where it has come from.

What's more, is that our favourite PYO place has the most amazing display of sweet peas every year which again you can pick. Not only do they smell incredible but they also make for great photo opportunities!