Thursday, 11 May 2017

Forest Holidays

I recently discovered Forest Holidays through a friend who had gone away for their first Wedding anniversary. The place looked idyllic. Peaceful. Beautiful. I just knew it would be perfect for a weekend away to switch off from everything, get away from work and just generally hide up together just our little family!

We'd had a busy time with Easter and Sam was working loads and finding it hard to switch off and relax so when I realised he had 2 days off together I got searching! This was the Thursday, I found a beautiful luxury cabin hidden in the woods and under an hour away from home. It was available for the next day (at a bargain price too!) so we booked it! Im definitely not one for spontaneous trips. I LOVE planning and the build up and anything unknown makes me incredibly anxious. That said, I had no time to think or worry about this trip and as it turns out it was just perfect.

We stayed at Thorpe Forest in Thetford with Forest Holidays.

We booked through Hoseasons (via TopCashBack) on the Thursday and
arrived the Friday night. The hot tub was warm and waiting and the cabin was spotless. I was so impressed given I had no idea what to expect. We were very hidden away and whilst in the hot tub we couldn't be seen nor see anyone else on the camp.

We had a beautiful weekend weather wise and were able to stroll around the woods and even hired bikes on the Saturday, which was a laugh given I'd not ridden a bike in years!! Mia loved it and we stopped several times round the woods, Mia building dens with all the logs and looking for squirrels and birds. We headed back to our cabin for hot tub times and a BBQ on the deck before settling down in from of the log burner playing board games together, something which is so rare but so precious. Something which we have actually carried on doing at home since too. It's all too easy to get wrapped up in everything around us and not have the time for each other that this really helped make us realise it's something we need to do more often.

 Sunday we took a trip to High Lodge Thetford Forest nearby. We'd been before but not for a long while. They had the Gruffalo trail on, which Mia enjoyed finding and telling us the story as we went around. Sam also got to act like a big kid which did him the world of good!

 There were so many things we could have done on site had we have had a longer stay or wanted to fit more in but for us we needed somewhere to hide and relax and we did just that. Even if we have come home wanting to save every penny we have to buy a hot tub!!!