Thursday, 1 June 2017


We had been planning a trip to Legoland since late last year when Mia started getting into Lego. We'd cleared out my Mum's loft and found all my old Lego and brought it home for Mia. From that day, she (and Daddy!) have played for hours on end. I'm not entirely sure who enjoys it more in all honesty but either way it's a win win! She adores spending time with her Daddy and to find something he loves too (which isn't very girly) means hours of fun.

I went to Legoland in 1996 when I was 7 and it was definitely a favoured memory from my childhood so I was excited for to experience it as an adult with my daughter.

Anyway, I'd been saving up my Tesco vouchers and finally exchanged them for Legoland tickets. This was super simple to do and when we got there you go straight to the gate with your tickets, no queuing up for tickets etc so it is as if you've prebooked. That said, there is no guarantee on entry so the key is to get there early.

We arrived for 9.30 when they let you through to the first part of the park. We were able to wander around the Miniland and watch the opening show before heading through main park.

We were there the whole day, and pretty much did everything we wanted to do. We went on most of the rides we wanted to, saw all the shows we wanted to without feeling rushed and stressed.
I think the key is to relax and take it all in your stride. We looked at what we definitely wanted to do, and did those rides first before the park got busy. The longest que we waited in was about 40 minutes, which was for the Laser Raiders. In this que, there is a movie area so the children (and adults alike!) are kept entertained.

Definitely download the Legoland App before you go because we found this great to keep check on show times and the ride wait times are very accurate.

By the end of the day, yes we were all exhausted but we were all happy and had had a great day!

Favourite Ride ~ Laser Raiders
Favourite Show ~ The Pirate Show



  1. Oh Legoland is fab isn't It? It's been years since I went with my nephew (7 years I think). I reckon next year will be the time to take Zach! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. The pirate show was definitely the highlight for my kids #TwinklyTuesday

  3. My boys have been begging to go there! The closest one is 20 hours away!!! Glad to get some insight.

  4. Great family fun day out!