Friday, 1 December 2017

Baby Number 2

A Spring Baby
In August we found out we were expecting baby number two, and at the end of October announced it with the photo above. I was about 14/15 weeks when we told people for a number of reasons, mainly because we wanted Mia to be the first to know and we were just enjoying having this secret between us. My sister also had just had her first baby and I in no way wanted to take anything away from that and absolutely wanted her to have their moment. 

12 Week Scan
In September we had what we thought would be our twelve week scan. As it turned out we were only about 10/11 weeks so had to return two weeks later. It was after our second scan we felt ready to let Mia in on our little secret. She was over the moon when she realised what was happening. Especially since she had just had a baby boy cousin who she adores! She did however look at our scan photo and shout "It's a baby sister!" She took it all in but as a 5 year old, I was worried about how she would react and what she would think. The following day all my worries went out of the window. We arrived at school and she told her best friend instantly and started searching in her book bag. Turns out she had taken the scan photo from the table and put in her bag to show off at school! 

As far as the pregnancy goes, it been very familiar from when I was pregnant with Mia. Just like before, i've had no sickness, which given my utter fear of sick, is a total blessing. A few sweet cravings in the beginning (how Sam had guessed), tiredness yes but nothing much more than my usual state! 

I feel prepared although slightly terrified at the thought of birth knowing what's to come this time round! As far as timing goes, for us I feel we're ready. It was something we'd discussed and planned and I'm excited to see the bond between baby and Mia. With her now at school, I'm excited to have the one on one time with baby and to have Mia be the age where she is able to be actively involved. I think any longer and the age gap could have been too much and personally we wanted to be this side of 30! 

I cannot wait to see how things progress and excited for things to come! 


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